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November 2018
Hi Tony
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You so much for sorting out our Mortgage in Principle on Monday at such short notice its really appreciated

October 2018


Many Thanks for your reply. It all made perfect sense, first time in a while I have actually said that about anybody in the mortgage industry.
Many thanks for your advice it is much appreciated and we will definitely be using you when we come to re mortgage

October 2018

Tony we can't thank you enough for everything!!!
Speak soon and a huge thank you from us to you as I know it's been a challenge

September 2018
Fantastic news Thank You so much for all your help.

June 2018

Hi Karen

Just a quick thank you for all that you did in arranging my mortgage plus insurances.

May 2018

Karen, You and Tony both helped us a lot when we had issues with the other lender and helped us to get a mortgage and most importantly took the pressure off us.

April 2018

Hi Tony

I wanted to say Thank You for the advice you gave me recently over the phone about a mortgage that I had arranged with TSB that expired at the end of April and to renew it I had been advised that there was a £1,000 fee. You told me that this was extremely unusual and was worth challenging which I did and I no longer have to pay the fee.
I had come to you looking to arrange a different mortgage which would have been difficult with the very short timescale involved.
I came to you on recommendation and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others.
Thank You again

April 2018


Just wanted to thank you for all your help sorting us out with a much better mortgage and saving us so much money. It is something we would have never put into place ourselves. We recommend you to everyone because we think you are fantastic!

Thank you again

Jenny and Rob
April 2018

As always thank you for everything you have done, looking into all of that for me, I really appreciate it.

Shauna S
March 2018

Thank You Karen
That is good news.
Thank You for all your hard work.

March 2018

To Karen and Tony
Thank You for the excellent service and advice you have given us since we started using you back in 2012. We really appreciate it.

Adam and Nicola
February 2018

I have been really happy with the service I received, my only regret is not coming to you when I first bought my house as I feel like you would have saved me a fortune over the last 5 years and would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a mortgage.

August 2017


Thank You so much for all your help and support

Becky and Andrew
July 2017

Tony and Karen

Thank You for all your help, hard work and support it is really appreciated. Always good to know your in my corner, I could not do the houses without you both.

June 2017

Karen and Tony

Thank You for being so professional and showing empathy towards our case. This has changed our lives

Mr and Mrs C
June 2017

I would like to Thank You for your help in looking for a mortgage for us. After a lot of thought we have decided to postpone looking further into buying at this moment.
Again I would like to say Thank You for your services and I would wholly recommend you to anyone seeking mortgage advice.

May 2017


Thank You for all your help and advice and for making the process as smooth as possible.
We'll definitely be recommending you.

Vikki & James
May 2017

Just a little note to say Thank You for all your help in sorting out our mortgage. We now have a place to call home.

Kelly & Lee
April 2017

Tony we would both like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for all your help and patience. Your advice and friendly service have helped us a great deal and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service to others.

March 2017

Dear Tony and Karen
A huge heartfelt 'thanks' for all your help and hard work to obtain my re mortgage.I can't thank you enough. You are both brilliant!

January 2017


Hi The mortgage has completed Thank You and Tony very much for all your help once again.

January 2017


If I had one major plus to come out of the buying process its been meeting you and how great and helpful you have been.
I would recommend you without a moment's hesitation to anyone, especially to any first time buyers, as you explain things so well.
Thank You so much for your help, I'll be in touch once my current deal ends.

Rob P
January 2017

Just to say Thank You for sorting out the mortgage for us. Everything went very smoothly. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else looking for a mortgage.

Kind Regards
Brian H
January 2017

You made it so easy and so stress free. I appreciate all the effort you put in to ensure I had everything in place that I needed. I will be forever thankful

December 2016

Your guidance and advice throughout our house move has been invaluable for which we are extremely grateful.

Jennie and Ste
October 2016

That's great news regarding the rates really appreciate your efforts on this.

June 2016

Can't Thank You enough
The words say it all
Many Many Thanks
May 2016

Tony Can I just Thank You for your professionalism and the friendly manner that everything was conducted in. It was a relief to know you were looking after our interests.

March 2016

Tony Thanks for all your help - you've been fantastic

March 2016

Karen. Just to say Thank You for everything you've done to help us. Many Thanks.
January 2016

Karen and Tony
Thank You for your help during our recent purchase. A quick professional and pain free service!

Aug 2015

Hi Tony

Just a quick line to say thanks for your help with our recent re mortgage. The service we got from you was first class.

June 2015

Hi Tony

That's brilliant news! Very pleased indeed.
Thank You for all your brilliant work throughout the process we really could not have done this without you.
Kind regards
Tony Thanks for looking into this for me. I do agree it would be a wiser move to leave my current mortgage 'as is'
Thanks again for your help with this matter, especially your honesty with regard to the brest advice over the re mortgage


February 2015
November 2014


I would like to Thank You for all your help and support during an extremely stressful time.
I would certainly recommend you and AMS.
I found you both very professional but approachable.
So thanks again

July 2014

Thanks for providing such a thorough assessment of our current financial status

June 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help organising my mortgage, answering all my random questions and my first best wishes card...

Jun 2014

Karen, Thanks for your help in locating the best deal for me. Thanks again for your help

May 2014

Karen, Thank You so much for all your help and support in buying my first home! All the best


Thank You for all your help the other week, it was much appreciated and your advice has helped make a decision.
Once this house is sold and I have chosen a new one, I will be coming back to you so that you can arrange the mortgage
Thanks once again


April 2014
March 2014

Karen, Thank You again, I will definitely be recommending you in the future

Pleased to introduce clients to you as I was Happy with the service I received

Kate 2014
Maralyn, 2010
Tony a really big thank you …….
How much we appreciate your help on this monster …………
We can't believe what we have had to go through.
You have been tops, and we know we couldn't have done this without you.
Ben and Marie, 2010
Hi Tony and Karen, we have received our keys today for the new house and are well chuffed. We would like to say thank you for your patience and hard work especially going the extra mile by visiting us personally twice.
Ben and Marie
Kathryn, 2010
Karen – Thanks very much for all of this information. A very comprehensive guide to our options and very clearly explained.
Malcolm, 2009
Thanks Tony - Excellent service once again
Dorian, 2012
Thank you Mick, you have been a legend! You have changed our lives, giving my and George's smile back!

Thank you so much.
MF, 2008
Please can you pass on to all your staff at your branch my thanks for the most efficient way in which the application was completed. The client was most impressed.

Lisa, 2012
"Tony - apologies for not emailing you sooner, I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help in getting the further advance sorted - I know it took a bit of mesing about time-wise but appreciate your help."
Carla, 2012
"Hi Karen - we really like the house and we could see ourselves living there. The second viewing went well. We will come back to you next week and let you know what happened. As always, thanks very much for your help and for the great service you provide."
Paul, 2012
"Hi Mick - we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us and we will be recommending you to everyone we know. Thanks again."
Ted, 2011
"Hi Mick - money in the bank today. I have also just got my insurance sorted. I have recommended you to various people by the way!"
Kenny, 2011
"Mick - everything went through on Friday and we are in! Thanks for all your help, you have been brilliant, your help and constant contact has been really appreciated."

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