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Commercial Mortgages

We have access to commercial funding for a wide variety of purposes.  Commercial lending can be a very complex area and lenders will usually offer a rate which is determined by the strength of your application.  You may be able to get a lower rate using ourselves than going direct due to years of experience in submitting commercial cases to lenders.

We also offer insurance products for businesses e.g. Life and/or Critical Illness. Relevant life Policies, Key Person Insurance, Individual/Group Income Cover, Income Cover for Sickness, Loan Protection and Ownership Protection.

Commercial Mortgages

The most common uses for a commercial mortgage at present are as follows -

• Investor purchases of multiple flats on one title

• Investor purchases of HMO’s

• Investor purchases of semi-commercial properties such as a shop or offices with flats above

• Investor purchases of any type of commercial property

• Owner occupied semi-commercial property

• Owner occupied commercial property

Commercial Loans

We have access to specialist advisors who manage company & business acquisitions and franchise purchases.

Bridging Finance

Short term secured lending typically used where a commercial or residential mortgage is not suitable

Asset Finance

For individuals or companies looking to purchase new equipment, vehicles, machinery and similar such assets

Factoring / Confidential Invoice Discounting

To assist companies with cash-flow requirements

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